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*SIGNED* McClelland Christmas Cheer 2017 Pipe Tobacco

Sealed, unopened, signed by both Mike and Mary McNeil the owners of McClelland Tobacco Company.

McCranie's Red Ribbon, vintage 1983

McCranie's Red Ribbon with a tin date of 1999 This beautifully aged red Virginia is brimming with the rich mellow flavor only nature can provide. It is a special allotment…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Rattray Highland Targe

20 year old tin of Rattray's Highland Targe. From tobacco reviews: The outstanding feature is the pronounced flavor of robust latakia. This tobacco has earned proper recognition by those smokers…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Very Rare Ashton Golden Flake

Here is an incredibly rare and incredibly wonderful 50g tin of Ashton Golden Flake. This was a mid 90's European purchase and to the best of my knowledge, was never…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Fribourg & Treyer Evans Blend

21 Year old tin of F&T "Evans Blend" tin date 2001.
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Sanselpolcro C&D Small Batch 2019

The Italian dark-fired Sanselpolcro in C&D's Small Batch, the second release in 2019. You can read about this incredible tobacco here.

Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2021 Tin #5358

C&D Small Batch CAROLINA RED FLAKE W/PERIQUE, tin #5358. Need I say more?
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Trafalgar G. L. Pease - Druquer & Sons 2016 100gr

One of G. L. Pease's legendary creations for Druquer & Sons in a tin from its first year in 2016. A 4-star English on Tobacco Reviews.
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Carolina Red Flake 2018 C&D Small Batch 614/8000

The 2018 CAROLINA RED FLAKE Small Batch from Cornell & Diehl.
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Burley London Blend - MacBaren 2019 Release

The legendary "BLB" Burley London Blend, brought back for the firsrt time in many years in a limited release in 2019.
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

The classic favorite, SG's FVF
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

McClelland Black Shag 50g

McClelland's Black Shag from the 221b Series. Tin date of 1999
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos
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