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How do I contact support if I need help?

Email support hours are from 8-5 ET M-F and 10-3 Saturday.

You may also call our support line at (833) 781-6242 and leave us a message. 

Please allow up to 24 Hours for a response.

Please include the auction number when referencing an auction

How do I find the auction number?

The auction number can be found in the address window of your browser.  For an iOS device, simply tap the in the address window and the number will be revealed. In this example, the auction number is 3012.  It can also be found on the lower left hand side of each auction listing, below the item image.

What is TinBids?

TinBids is an easy-to-use style auction site designed from the ground up with pipe collectors and Tobacco enthusiasts in mind.

How Does TinBids Work?

TinBids functions like other traditional auction sites.  TinBids brings Buyers and Sellers together and the Items offered for sale are provided by our users.  The highest bid at the end of the auction wins.  “Buy it Now” and “Reserve” options are available for sellers.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No. Setting up a user account is free of charge!

What can I sell on TinBids?

TinBids is an auction site for the pipe collector and enthusiast. Items you may list for auction include pipes, lighters, pipe accessories and, of course, pipe tobacco.

What items are prohibited on TinBids?

Vape and cannabis products are prohibited for sale on TinBids.  Home vacuum sealed bags and home sealed mason jarred tobaccos, are not permitted at this time, due to the fact the contents cannot be verified. Cigars are not permitted for sale at this time, due to quality control concerns.

How old do I have to be to use TinBids?

TinBids requires all users to be at least 21 years of age.  You will be asked to acknowledge you are at least 21 years old when you set up your account.

How do I make money on TinBids?

Simple. When your item sells, we will send you your money minus our fees and commissions.  A 99-cent listing fee and an 18.5% commission will be assessed at the time the item sells.  Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

If my item does not sell, will I still be charged?

No. The listing fee and commission are only assessed if your item sells.

Can I relist my item if it doesn’t sell?

Yes. You may relist your item as many times as desired until it sells.

How can I relist my auction?

If your items does not sell, you can use the “relist” button to quickly relist it.  Go to your “my ended auctions” and select the auction you would like to relist.  You will need to upload the photos separately

When will I receive my money?

Monies are distributed once we have confirmation that the item has been delivered to the buyer. Once we have confirmed receipt of delivery, the buyer has 3 business days to accept the item.  If the buyer has made no claim against the item, payment will be made to the seller, once the 3 business day window has ended. This rule applies to domestic shipping only. International shipments will be processed after 5 business days of confirmation of shipping.

Am I able to get a refund on an item?

As per our terms and conditions, all sales are final. The exception to this rule would be if the item was grossly misrepresented by the seller and not as described.  Buyers have 3 days after delivery confirmation, to accept an item they have purchased. After that period, the sale is considered final.

The item I received was not as described, what should I do?

If your item was delivered to you and was not as described, i.e. “sealed tin” and it was not sealed, you should contact us within 3 days of receipt of the item.  If it is determined that your claim is valid, we will ask you to return the item to us for a refund and we will contact the seller of the item for resolution.

Why do I need to add my PayPal account to my user profile?

This is how we will pay you.  When your item sells, we will send your payment to your PayPal account.

How do I know when it is OK to ship the item to the buyer?

You will receive an automatic email notification from TinBids indicating that your item has sold, followed up by an email from us that your payment has been received.

How much time do I have to pay for an auction I’ve won?

Buyers are expected to make payment for auctions they’ve won within 4 days. If no payment is received after 4 days, the seller has the right to cancel the sale and relist the item.

My item won’t fit in a small flat rate box, what should I do?

Our labels will work on plain packaging as well.  If your item, such as a 100g tin will not fit into a small flat rate box, you may use a plain package that will accommodate the item.  The shipping cost will not change.

What do I do if a buyer does not pay?

In the event a buyer does not pay for the item they have won, we will send an email to them reminding them to complete the sale.  If they still have not paid after 4 days, the seller may at their discretion relist the item as a new auction or cancel the transaction and retain the item.  The non paying buyers’ account will be flagged and subject to suspension or cancelation for non-payment. 

What happens if I do not pay for an item I’ve won?

Non paying buyers will receive a “last call” email alerting them to pay for the item they’ve won.   If no payment is received within 24 hours, the auction should be considered void.  The non paying buyers account will be flagged and the buyer will be notified via email that their account is subject to suspension.  A second offense will trigger suspension or cancelation of the non paying buyers account. Non paying buyers will not be tolerated on TinBids.

Who pays for the shipping?

Shipping charges are paid by the buyer at the conclusion of the auction.  The shipping cost is displayed on the active listing.

How much are the shipping charges?

The seller sets the shipping level based upon the item(s) being sold at the time the auction is listed. Prices are set by the U.S. Postal Service. International shipping varies by country. Contact us at if you have questions or would like an estimate on an item you are interested in.

Can I set my auction so I only have to ship to domestic buyers?

No. TinBids is an open marketplace with international members.  The shipping is paid for by the buyer and international labels are provided to sellers by TinBids, so there is no difference between shipping domestically or internationally.

I received multiple items from the same seller, in a single shipment. Can I get a refund on the unused shipping fee?

Yes, we will gladly refund any unused shipping. Simply email us at and request a refund. We will verify the postage attached to the items purchased and refund any that is unused.

I purchased multiple items from the same seller but he sent them individually. Can I get a refund on shipping since they should have been combined?

We cannot refund shipping charges on postage that has been generated and processed.

Will a shipping label be provided?

Yes.  When the auction ends, the seller will have the option to print a shipping label.

I set the shipping cost for a small flat rate box but my item will not fit into that size box, what should I do?

The shipping rates are an estimate for the benefit of the buyers, you may use the shipping labels provided on plain packaging if your item will not fit into a small box. The USPS will make any adjustment needed.

What does the “G” or “P” mean on my shipping label?

The G or P designation on the shipping label means “ground” or “priority”.  Priority labels can be used in conjunction with USPS flat rate, priority boxes.

Can I use a USPS flat rate box to ship internationally?

No. The USPS will not accept an international parcel in a flat rate box.  International shipments should be packaged in plain, non USPS boxes.

I accidentally sent my item to the wrong buyer, what should I do?

Sellers are solely responsible for ensuring their items are sent to the proper buyers of their item.  TinBids provides the appropriate shipping label for said item but bears no responsibility whatsoever, for mispackaged items.  We will gladly work with the parties involved but no resolution is assured or guaranteed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for payment on auctions won.  PayPal cannot be used to pay for items because of their tobacco policy

My state does not allow me to purchase tobacco online, is this different?

Unfortunately, no.  If you reside in Washington, Utah, South Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii or Arkansas, tobacco products cannot be shipped to you.  Therefore, you are not permitted to bid on tobacco products on this site.  However, you may bid on non tobacco products, such as pipes and accessories.

How long to sellers have to ship the item I’ve won?

Sellers have 7 days to ship your items to you.  We set this time to factor in credit card processing procedures, usually however that time is less than 7 days.

I purchased multiple items from the same seller, can you contact them and tell them to combine shipping?

Yes, we can contact the seller on your behalf and make that request.  Please note, that the seller may not always be able to accommodate that request.

My package is delayed or lost, will TinBids help me track or locate the package?

TinBids has no claim on any parcel.  We are only able to provide you with a tracking number.  The recipient must contact the delivery service to determine the status of any shipment.

I have won an item but I decided I don’t want it now, can I cancel my winning bid?

You may not cancel a bid after you have won an item.  Placing a bid is a binding contract to purchase the item, as outlined under our Terms and Conditions.

How do I cancel an auction?

You may cancel an auction by contacting us at and make that request.  Please state the reason for the cancellation, so that we may properly categorize it.

Why is the “Buy It Now” button on some auctions not working?

In the event that the bidding on a “Buy It Now” auction exceeds the buy it now price, that option will become unavailable and the auction will revert to a standard bidding auction, the high bidder is the winner of the item.

Some items are displayed as a “consignment auction”, what does that mean?

Items containing tobacco must be consigned to TinBids in order to be listed for sale.  All other items, such as pipes for example, do not need to be consigned.

How does your consignment process work?

Our process is simple.  Consigning an item with us works just like listing any other item, the exception being, you will be prompted to give TinBids permission to sell your item for you under our consignment umbrella.  Potential buyers will see your item listed as a “TinBids Consignment”.

Do I have to consign all items I intend to sell on TinBids?

No. Consignments only apply to tobacco products.

Do I need to send you the item in order to consign it?

No. You retain the item in your possession and are responsible for shipping it to the buyer.

Will I still get a shipping label if I consign an item?

Yes, absolutely.  The return address will display TinBids as the shipper.

Am I able to purchase items on TinBids if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes, international shipping is available to most countries. The buyer is responsible for complying with customs and local regulations.

Can I sell an item on TinBids if I don’t live in the United States?

Listing items for sale from non US sellers is not supported at this time. This is due to a limitation with the shipping software. However, solutions are being explored to accommodate international sellers as a future enhancement to TinBids. Stay tuned!

I sold an item but there is no shipping label for the buyer, what does that mean?

Some countries have shipping restrictions which are imposed by the USPS. If you are getting that message, then your buyer lives in one of those countries. We will provide a shipping label for you complete with customs declaration and actual shipping cost. Just drop us an email at and we’ll forward the label to you

Do consignment items ship from a central location?

No, consignment items ship directly from the sellers who list them.

I would like to remove my auction, how can I do that?

We can remove an auction for you at your request, should you decide you do not wish to sell your item.

What Information Do I Need To Provide In My Listing When Selling An Item?

Sellers are free to market their items as they deem necessary. Sellers are required to describe the item as accurately as possible in order to give potential buyers as much detail as possible. Stock photography, i.e. images of similar items taken off the internet, are not permitted. Sellers must post photos of the actual item(s) they are selling.

Can I combine items to save on International Shipping Charges?

That option may not always be possible.  The items on TinBids are user-generated, so while one seller may have several items up for auction, another may only have a single item up for auction.  If you have questions about the possibility of shipping multiple items you wish to bid on, please contact us at and we can look that up for you.

I accidentally placed a bid on an item, can I cancel it?

We designed TinBids so that users cannot place unintentional bids. After a bid amount is entered, Buyers must twice confirm their bid before it is entered. The final confirmation alerts buyers that bids may not be retracted once placed. Placing a bid is a binding contract between Sellers and Buyers, bids may not be retracted once placed.

I contacted support but did not receive an answer, why would that be?

Aside from issues signing up for the site, support is available to registered users ONLY. We established this policy to better serve our clientele.

I received a message that my account was suspended, why would that happen?

A user account may be suspended or canceled for the following reasons.

  1. A buyer failed to pay for an item they have won
  2. A seller refused to ship an item they have sold and was paid for.
  3. A user who exhibited behavior, that TinBids in its own discretion, has deemed to pose a risk to the site.
  4. Any violation of our terms and conditions which could pose harm or risk to TinBids

How can I get my account restored if it was suspended?

You may send an email to with your username and email to appeal your suspension.  We will review all facts and respond to you via email.

I uploaded an auction but it was taken down. Why?

An auction may be removed without warning if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. A tobacco product was not properly consigned to TinBids for sale
  2. The auction violated any portion of our terms and conditions
  3. The auction presented a potential risk to TinBids, our partners or users

We reserve the right to convert improperly listed tobacco products to a consignment sale.

What is a “Reserve” auction?

Sellers may choose to set a reserve price for items that have a specific value and do not wish to sell that item for less than that amount.  Additionally, they may wish to encourage bidding by not revealing what that price is like on a “Buy It Now” auction.