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Issue with Buy it Now - April 22, 2024

To the TinBids community.  We are currently tracking an issue with the “Buy it Now” feature, not functioning properly, across the platform.  Our developers are working on a resolution to this issue.  We will update this page once this has been resolved.  We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.

Thank you,

TinBids Support Team

Announcement: Relisting Issue - February 14, 2024

To our community. We have identified an issue with our newly rolled out relisting feature.  There is a possibility that the relisted item will not display properly on the live auction pages. We are working to correct this and appreciate your patience.

Thank you!


Automated Email Issue - January 23, 2024

To our community.  We are currently tracking an issue with our automated email system, which is sending erroneous emails to individuals stating they have won an auction when they have not.  Our developers are working on a resolution and hope to have this corrected post haste.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Thank you!


Commission Rate Increase - November 20, 2023

To our community.  As a result of an increase in processing fees from our financial partners, our commission rate will increase by 3%, to 18.5% up from 15.5%.  Our 99¢ listing fee will remain unchanged.  This increase will take effect on December 1st 2023.  Auctions posted prior to midnight December 1st, will be assessed at the current rate. If you should have any questions please contact us at  Thank you!

Payment Processing Issue - November 19, 2022

To our valued subscribers:

We are aware of an intermittent issue preventing some users from completing the purchase of the items you’ve won.  Our developers are working to identify the issue, we will update this page once a resolution has been found.

Thank you,

TinBids Staff

Closed Auction Search Now Active - November 14, 2022

The latest enhancement to TinBids is now active. An overwhelming number of our users requested that a “closed auction search” be added to the site, that feature is now available. You can now go to your “My Account” page and search previous auctions that have ended.  On the “settings” list, you will see “View All Past TinBids Auctions”.  From there, you can browse or search all past items that have been sold on TinBids!

Update to “Pay-Out” Policy - September 15, 2022

To our seller community, please see our updated Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s pertaining to the distribution of payments, post sale.  Please contact us with any questions.

Commission Rate Change - September 4, 2022

To our valued subscribers.  This announcement serves as official notice, that as a result of new processing fees, our commission rate will be 15.5% effective September 10th.  The listing fee of $.99 shall remain unchanged.  Auctions already posted will not be affected by this rate change.  Please see our terms and conditions for details. Thank you for using, happy bidding and happy selling!

Viva Las Vegas! - August 21, 2022

TinBids will be at the Las Vegas International Pipe show, October 21st – 23rd at the Place Station Casino.  We hope to see you there!

TinBids on the Road - August 16, 2022

TinBids will be at the NASPC show in Columbus, Ohio on August 19th and 20th. Stop by and visit our table and get a demo of the site.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions and look forward to meeting our current and future subscribers.  See you there!