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TinBids Vintage Pipe Tobacco Auctions



G.L. Pease Spark Plug

2oz tin of "Spark Plug" with a couple of years on it now from 2020. From tobacco reviews: A quality English blend from renowned G.L. Pease, Spark Plug's tin art…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

G. L. Pease Fillmore

Here's a nicely aged tin of Fillmore from 2007. From Tobacco reviews: A thick sliced, broken flake in the Scottish tradition. Ripe red Virginia tobaccos are combined with a generous…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

TinBids Zippo Lighter

New TinBids Zippo Lighter in brushed chrome. Date code J 18. Standard insert.
Categories: Lighters

Sasieni 8 Dot "Stafford" Pipe

This is a very rare and beautifully preserved Sasieni 8 Dot, shape name "Stafford". 8 Dots were made in the late 1920's through early 30's, they were discontinued during WWII.…
Categories: Pipes

Unsmoked JT Cooke "BULLCAP" Pipe

Beautiful, unsmoked JT Cooke "Bullcap" pipe. Deep blast as you would expect from a Cooke pipe, very lightweight. Comes with a branded leather pouch.
Categories: Pipes

Gallaher Mellow Virginia

Oldie and real goodie, Gallaher's Mellow Virginia. Best guess, probably very late 70's early 80's on this one.
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Rattray Highland Targe

20 year old tin of Rattray's Highland Targe. From tobacco reviews: The outstanding feature is the pronounced flavor of robust latakia. This tobacco has earned proper recognition by those smokers…
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos

Sealed Dunhill Gold Blend

This is an unopened and sealed tin of of Dunhill Gold Blend with the Royal Warrant. Distributed by Lane so probably late 70's early/mid 80's
Categories: Tins & Tobaccos