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Esoterica Tilbury 50g tin 2x

Two 50g tins of Esoterica Tilbury
Categories: Tobaccos

Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake 250g

One 250g box of Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake
Categories: Tobaccos

Hermit Tobacco Work Lot - Captain Farle's

1 tin of Nightwatch - 2017 1 tin of Ten Russians - 2016 1 tin of Stimulus Package - 2017 Starting price is Reserve price. Good Luck
Categories: Tobaccos

Dunhill My mixture 1167

1 50g Vintage Sealed Tin. 20+ years old
Categories: Tobaccos

Relisting my 8oz of Samuel Gawith Cannon Plug.

I posted this a couple weeks ago and had no hits so I'm trying it again. Samuel Gawith 8oz Cannon Plug from a recent drop. When I received this plug,…
Categories: Tobaccos

Lot of SEVEN tins and THREE pouches of various Virginia Tobaccos!

7 tins of various aged (2018-2022) Virginia tobaccos and 3 pouches of Amphora Virginia Blend. All of the tins and pouches are sealed and are structurally sound. All my tobacco…
Categories: Tobaccos

Marlin Flake, Jack Knife Plug, Dark Strong and Spark Plug

Here are 6 tins of various tobaccos. Three 3.5oz of Rattray's Marlin Flake One 200g tin of Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong One tin of G.L. Pease Jack Knife Plug One…
Categories: Tobaccos

Do you like pouches? DO YOU LOVE POUCHES?? Look no further!!!

I got pouches, many, many pouches. Only Pouches! Two 12oz pouches of Super value Black & Gold. One was opened and about a ounce was taken out, the other pouch…
Categories: Tobaccos

8 Tin Lot of Various Aged English Tins 2009-2022

8 Tin lot of Various aged English Tobacco Tins. The 5 Hearth & Home tins are all around the same age, 2014 to 2016. Balkan flake in from 2009 The…
Categories: Tobaccos

Any Firefighters here? I got a pen for you!! RETRO 51 ENGINE 37

Retro 51 Engine 37 Limited Edition to only 937 Pens, this pen is #324 Pen is still sealed, I'm adding a stock picture of all sides of the pen, all…
Categories: Other

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River! 6 tins. 2 /2016 and 2/2018

6 Tins of Seattle Pipe Clubs Mississippi River . 3 Tins of regular Mississippi River 2oz each (Two from 2018 and 1 from 2016) 2 Tins of Mississippi River Rum…
Categories: Tobaccos

Mac Baren HH Acadian Perique 100g/3.5oz from June 2013

1 tin of Mac Baren HH Acadian Perique. This tin is 100g/3.5oz This tobacco is no longer in production. This tin is from June 2013, almost 11 years of age…
Categories: Tobaccos
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