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J. F. Germain & Son Germain's Mixture No.7 (2020) 100g Tin

A broad-cut mixture of Virginia, burley, and a small portion of black cavendish. A distinctive flavoring is added to slightly sweeten the smoke.
Categories: Tobaccos

Dunhill Dark Flake (2016) 50g Tin

First produced back in 1970, Dunhill's Dark Flake is a heralded vintage blend of choice Virginias and a little perique for spice. Bolder in strength and flavor than Dunhill Flake,…
Categories: Tobaccos

Dunhill Flake (2015) 50g Tin

Medium strength flake of selected grades of lemon and bronze Virginias. One of Dunhill's most expert blends of highest quality.
Categories: Tobaccos

John Aylesbury - Luxury Flake/Classic Flake (2015) 50g Tin

Only top quality Virginias are the base for this truly excellent Danish mixture. A Navy Cut, with a fine and smooth taste, featuring true tobacco Virginia sweetness. A blend that…
Categories: Tobaccos

RARE 2021 Esoterica Stonehaven by JF Germain

Bid now to obtain one of the best pipe tobacco-blends on the market! Bag is fully intact and has been stored in a cool dry environment away from light.
Categories: Tobaccos

J. F. Germain - Royal Jersey Dark Cavendish (2021) 50g Tin

From Germain’s Royal Jersey line, Dark Cavendish showcases delectable red and black Cavendish tobaccos paired to a sweet base of Virginias. The blend is presented here in a convenient ribbon…
Categories: Tobaccos

J. F. Germain & Son - Royal Jersey Original Latakia (2020) 50g Tin

Cyprus Latakia with special matured golden cavendish and Virginia type tobaccos, enhanced with vanilla. Notes: Selected Virginian and Maryland type tobaccos carefully blended with a selection of Oriental tobaccos from…
Categories: Tobaccos

Samuel Gawith FVF rare tin

SG FVF from Russian market. Rare to find. Great condition!
Categories: Tobaccos