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TinBids Vintage Pipe Tobacco Auctions




Rattrays 40 Virginia

From my cellar, 2 tins of Rattrays 40 Virginia from 2022. Kept in pristine condition
Categories: Tobaccos


From my personal cellar, 2 sealed tins of Tsuge pipe tobacco, 2 Esterd Japanese hand carved pipes with ivory stems and 2 Tsuge pipes. These pipes are in great condition…
Categories: Pipes, Tobaccos

Butera's Royal Vintage Latakia No. 1

One sealed 50g tin Manufactured in 2011
Categories: Tobaccos

McClelland's Royal Cajun Special 2006

Sealed 50g tin from 2006.
Categories: Tobaccos

Esoterica Dunbar

Purchased in 2018 One 2-ounce tin
Categories: Tobaccos

Esoterica Dorchester

Purchased in 2018 One sealed 2 ounce tin
Categories: Tobaccos

2014 Sutliff Country Cork

No longer in production. Enjoy something special. Irish cream on Virginia and burley, delicious! 10 years of age and ready to smoke.
Categories: Tobaccos

2017 Dunhill Royal Yacht

No longer made by Dunhill. ROYAL YACHT is not seen as much up for sale. 7 years of age, ready to smoke now or age it longer. Ships next business…
Categories: Tobaccos